500 yen English communication lesson

The JIESO’s volunteers have teached English to people who has an interest in learning English but don’t have enough courage to speak. Even if you are a beginner of English, we are trying to make learning fun. Many of beginners said I would like to participate again.Participation fees are used for the educational supports.

In addition to learning from the teachers in the classroom, members can try a practical foreign language communication.Members who have worked hard as volunteers have the opportunity to experience overseas training and special international exchanges on behalf of JIESO!

How develop communication skills

The recent young generation don’t have enough communication skills due to SNS. This lack of communication skills may couse the problems to maximize their possibilities. Our regular discussions and study sessions are held to improve their communication skills, which is one of the greatest educational support.It is a cafe style where you can participate quickly when you are free.Over 600 people participated as of December 2019.

Event list

We have hold a variety of events to learn things that could not be learned at school with people who have different nationalities, ages, genders, titles, and backgrounds.